Penny and Jean August 2019

Penny returned the sketchbook with some additions to one of my pages, some great patterns and an answer to my question “is art the answer to all our problems?”

I worked on Penny’s orange pages with some black block prints made from wallpaper. Unfortunately I smudged some of the prints as I worked across the pages, one of the perils of working directly onto the pages.

The page below was influenced by an exhibition of work by Luchida Hurtado at The Serpentine Gallery. She had used wax resist for a set of small abstract pieces. I used to love doing wax resist with my pupils and the deep pinks and purples LH used along with the navy ink inspired me to make the pages below.

On the same day I saw the exhibition of Faith Ringold’s art at the same gallery. The Imagine tv programme about FA was wonderful. I loved the way she used brightly coloured geometric shapes in her quilt like pictures and the pages below are inspired by this.

Jean and Hannah July 2019

I received some beautifully patterned pages from Hannah.

I worked into one of the pages, adding some colour and then continued with more patterns.

My final page was made using some wrapping paper that I brought home from Amsterdam, from a marvellous shop called Papier.

Penny and Jean June 2019

When I received the sketchbook back it was great to see that Penny had added to some of my pages as well as adding her own new pages. Such intense and deep colours and page alterations are so striking!


I went back and added to some of my earlier pages as well as continuing to work on Penny’s page using some of the ideas of cellular structures and patterns.



The last two double pages were a result of a Gelli plate printing session where I was trying to print directly onto the sketchbook pages, hoping not to have a disaster! I’ve added some collage and drawing as well.

Jean and Hannah May 2019

This month Hannah had made some deeply coloured and altered pages with some great paper weaving within the sketchbook.



As I looked through the sketchbook it began to fall apart so I took it fully to pieces and sewed it back together. Now the pages will sit fast when it is opened which is easier to use and photograph.


I’ve tried to keep working in deep intense colours as the pages are thick and strong enough to take washes of paint. I’ve also tried some printing from wall papers.

Penny and Jean April 2019

In this sketchbook we are using such deep vibrant colours and I love the intricate patterns Penny makes.


This month I was inspired by new materials. I had bought a new tool to play with, a pen like applicator with masking fluid in it and along with Anilinky watercolours I made these batik like pages with layers of colour.


I’ve also started buying printmaking inks from Hawthorn Printmakers – this wonderful bright pink is cute unlike other colours of ink I’ve had before and this is the first experiment with it, chopped up and rearranged on the page.


I continued this bright colour with acrylics and gel plate print.


(possible some photos missing)

Jean and Hannah March 2019

When the sketchbook came back there were some great printed and collaged pages from Hannah, so full of colour and pattern. There were also layers sometimes being holes to see through to next pages and sometimes giving that impression.


Penny and Jean February 2019

Receiving a new sketchbook is always interesting and this time I was receiving from some I know from social media! I was enthralled by the deep vibrant colours on the pages Penny sent me. They also have a great mixture of drawing, pattern and collage that is so interesting to work from.

I wonder if the colour was from Brusho but I also came across Anilinky colours via a friend on Facebook so I used these on my pages, seeking to continue the deep colour.

It was great that Penny left me space on the pages to add and change so out pages can overlap and collaborate. That’s one of the best things about sketchbook circle working.

Jean and Hannah January 2019

A new year, a new sketchbook circle and partner! As always its a step in the dark this first time!

I chose a quite small khadi paper sketchbook. We’ll be able to add to it if we run out of pages though. I’ve just used collage, drawing and painting to try things out and play to see what happens. Hopefully Hannah will see something to work with…