Helen and Jean August 2017


When I received the sketchbook from Helen I had good intentions about what I would add. There’s some much to respond to in the pages – the detail and pattern in the drawing, the pale and interesting collage and the natural forms.

IMG_6994IMG_6995IMG_6996As usual I am both satisfied and dissatisfied with my pages. The one I like least is the yellow, green and blue page with collage lines running down it. The facing page is the one I like best – made from leaf prints onto a Gelli plate onto a piece of map and then drawn onto. i’m a bit obsessed with colours and patterns of some maps I was recently given after a clear out at work. I haven’t quite settled on how to use them yet.

Helen had been using her linocuts in the pages of recent months and at the last minute I remembered to add a recent collagraph experiment. This coming academic year I want to reignite my interest in collagraph printmaking by learning new techniques and experimenting with different ways of marking the plate. In this one I printed with PVA and bubble wrap (white spots) and added carborundum to another PVA print (draw circles).


March mail out

This month the mail out was a Chameleon pen – it looked interesting! Before I used it I could see some people experimenting and so I got it out and read the instructions. This wasn’t quite enough for me but luckily there was a video to watch as well and that helped a lot. Having worked out what to do the first thing I did was play by trying different marks on a set of leaves.

I like the way the colour returns gradually and as I used the pen I began being able to predict and use this a bit more. 

Influenced by the olive green colour I drew some various shared leaves up yesterday with a fine black pen. This morning I enjoyed using the Chameleon pen to add colour. I wonder now how influenced I was towards leaves and nature by the colour I received. I enjoyed the challenge of applying the colour in gradation and thinking about the overall and background. There’s such a lot of potential for using pens like this!  

I was really happy to see the picture appear on the header of the face book group later in the day.