Amanda and Jean October 2016

Amanda and I continue our slightly off time exchange – we’re making all the exchanges but they don’t quite correspond with the 1st of the month. Luckily we’ve both equally held on to the sketchbook too long but it seems to have worked out overall. 

As the sketchbooks gets fuller it’s somehow harder to respond as I’m reluctant to make it even bigger than it is already. It’s a real challenge to my ideas of working in the same sketchbook and I think I must get better at working onto the pages instead of adding more pages. When I think this, usually when I haven’t got the sketchbook,  it seems like a great idea. When I get the sketchbook back each indiviudal page is so interesting that it seems wrong to work onto it.

As part of my ongoing one drawing a day I was stuck for want to draw so I leafed through the pages allowing small sections to catch my eye. I was especially attracted by the textile and sewn pages which were abstract but had such great marks and patterns. 

I later used this approach to make some small fragments to add to the sketchbook.

I used watercolour, fine pen and letter stamps. I could often see landscape like forms in Amanda’s pages, as well as interesting colour combinations. 

I returned the sketchbook to Amanda very late in November and I think maybe one more go some time in December before the sketchbook ends up with its originator. It will be interesting to see how Amanda records it digitally. 


March mail out

This month the mail out was a Chameleon pen – it looked interesting! Before I used it I could see some people experimenting and so I got it out and read the instructions. This wasn’t quite enough for me but luckily there was a video to watch as well and that helped a lot. Having worked out what to do the first thing I did was play by trying different marks on a set of leaves.

I like the way the colour returns gradually and as I used the pen I began being able to predict and use this a bit more. 

Influenced by the olive green colour I drew some various shared leaves up yesterday with a fine black pen. This morning I enjoyed using the Chameleon pen to add colour. I wonder now how influenced I was towards leaves and nature by the colour I received. I enjoyed the challenge of applying the colour in gradation and thinking about the overall and background. There’s such a lot of potential for using pens like this!  

I was really happy to see the picture appear on the header of the face book group later in the day.