Amanda and Jean – June 2016

This month things got in the way of our exchange and so I didn’t receive the sketchbook from Amanda. In some ways this was good in that the month was so busy at work that I might have neglected it, had it arrived. By the end of June things had eased up a bit so I decided to make a few June pages and send them to Amanda anyway. The beauty of the sketchbook Amanda made for us is that it’s such an unusual shape that even in its absence the size and shape of the pages can still inspire me! During the month of June I also acquired some new materials – Derwent Inktense pencils. Often a new tool or product can be a source of ideas, just in that one needs to go back to the experimentation phase.

On these pages I’ve used combinations of masking fluid, watercolour and Inktense pencils. I’ve had fun trying out different effects although I still regret not buying the Inktense colour sticks instead of the pencils when I had the chance. Some things these pages illustrate are my increasing use of colour, exploration of the overlap between drawing and painting and inclination to work from imagination. The sketchbook circle experience has been instrumental in supporting me to do this. Before the sketchbook circle I rarely, if ever, worked from anything but observation.

I’ve sent these pages off to Amanda so she can add them in where they will best fit  – our sketchbook is also quite loose leaf in structure so in time we’ll never know that there was a summer time blip!