June (receiving and sending)

At the beginning of June I received the sketchbook back from Karen – she had continued with her vibrantly coloured lino cuts.

2014-06-28 17.39.48As sometimes happens the ink had taken an impossibly long time to dry so she had protected each print with tracing paper. The contrast of looking through the tracing paper which muted the colours and then peeling it up to reveal the bright colours below magnified the impact of the prints.

2014-06-28 17.40.44 This one is presented going across both pages – perhaps we’re both beginning to think about the constrictions of the size of the sketchbook now, after a few months of working in it!

I love the blue, turquoise and green colours of this print – my favourite group of colours.


Having seen Karen’s work I also had continued working on my abstract collagraph prints in yellow, brown and red.

2014-06-28 17.41.06As well as printing them in different colours, positions and overlaps, this time I began to experiment with using ‘chine colle’. This is a process where you add some paper between the printing paper and the plate and then the image prints onto the inserted paper as well as the printing paper – its a good way of experimenting with colour, text and collage materials in printmaking.

2013-03-26 18.52.05Here I’ve just used coloured tissue blobs. In the past I’ve used chine colle to create background colours as here with the elephants.


2014-06-28 17.41.33This month I also began drawing onto the prints when they were dry.

As I tidied away after printing I cam across the tissue paper I had used to protect the blankets on the press. There were various random prints on these and I have collaged them using PVA glue to make a translucent sheet. It reminds me of some earlier work in the other sketchbook!

2014-06-21 16.45.28This month I used some of the these red and yellow abstract prints to make cards for sale at a craft fair – they are completely different to my usual art but I came home without them, as every one sold. I’ve recently had this version framed and it will be in a group exhibition that I’m part of from Wednesday 2nd July.

Its great that this participation in the sketchbook circle is having such an impact on my art and sending me in new¬† and unexpected directions – I’m looking forward to receiving the other sketchbook from Mary soon.